EBAA Committee Details


Committee Description


  1. To assist the President/CEO in the development and implementation of an EBAA budget. 
  2. To recommend accounting programs and finance policies that reflect the EBAA’s changing needs.

Committee Leadership
Dr. Adam Kaufman, MD
Medical Director
Cincinnati Eye Bank
Cincinnati, OH
United States

Dr. Stephen C. Kaufman, MD, PhD
Vice-Chairman and Professor of Ophthalmology
Edina, MN
United States

Beverly Lush, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Dakota Lions Sight & Health
Sioux Falls, SD
United States

Kevin Ross, MS, MPH
Ann Arbor, MI
United States

Gay Wilson
Director of Finance, Administration, and Facilities
Miracles in Sight
Winston-Salem, NC
United States

Bernard Dellario
(Staff Liaison)
Director of Finance
Eye Bank Association of America
Washington, DC
United States