EBAA Committee Details

Constitution & Bylaws

Committee Description


  1. To interface with the administration and legal counsel through the President/CEO.
  2. To ensure that the Bylaws serve the best interests of members of the EBAA and are legally sound.
    To periodically review and revise the Code of Ethics and distribute to membership.
  3. To evaluate and recommend applications for membership in the EBAA.
  4. To track current services and identify and prioritize the future needs of the membership within budget parameters established by the EBAA.

Committee Leadership
Elizabeth Fout
Executive Director
Florida Lions Eye Bank
Miami, FL
United States

David Bosch
President & CEO
Ann Arbor, MI
United States

Jason Brosious, RN, MSN, CEBT, CTBS
Executive Director / CEO
Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank
Columbus, OH
United States

David Korroch, CEBT
Chief Executive Officer
Lions Medical Eye Bank & Research Center of Eastern Virginia
Norfolk, VA
United States

Noël Mick
Director of Communications
The Eye-Bank for Sight Restoration
New York, NY
United States

Shannon Schweitzer, CEBT
Executive Director
Lions Eye Bank of West Central Ohio
Dayton, OH
United States

Mr. Adam Stockman, CEBT
Director of Clinical Operations
Iowa Lions Eye Bank
Coralville, IA
United States

Megan Young
Business Development
San Diego Eye Bank
San Diego, CA
United States

Yolanda Raine
(Staff Liaison)
Communications Manager
Eye Bank Association of America
Washington, DC
United States